About Us

We are fiercely committed to helping people who do great work.

We build websites for businesses and organizations providing excellent services to their communities. We rely on in-depth research, meticulous design, technology-agnostic development, accessibility, and data to create and improve the digital footprint of all of our clients.

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Our mission

We believe in the power of technology to make communities stronger.

Everyone on the Jess, please! Team met through the expression of this ultimate goal. The goal of sharing our knowledge with others. That’s the part about the internet that drew all of us to work in this field – the fact that so much of our work was made possible through the generosity of knowledgeable people that share what they know freely with the world. That is the essence of open source, the essence of WordPress, and the reason why all of us at Jess, please! try to do our part in different ways to contribute what we can to the generosity of those that came before us.

Our culture and values

Why Jess, please!?

Everyone on the Jess, please! team shares the same values and chooses to work on this team because of them. As you get to know us more, you’ll see that they represent how we do business but also how we are as people.

  • Empowerment

    Often, people feel overwhelmed by technology. We like to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to use the products/solutions we build for them.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent about our methods, our process and our costs. By being transparent we can empower you to guide us in building the best products for your business.

  • Authenticity

    We love to work with people from all walks of life and strive to build a working relationship in which everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves.

  • Collaboration

    We believe in working collaboratively as a team to reach a goal or meet a challenge. And we consider all our clients part of the team.

Our team

We are people people

At Jess, please! we collaborate with web developers, designers and creatives working in any and all media. Here are our most frequent and talented collaborators:

MEssage from jess

Hi! I’m Jess

For the last 10 years, I have had the pleasure and honour of working with wonderful people that are all doing their part to make the world a better place. I am a generalist with an insatiable curiosity. I love to learn and that’s why I got into this line of work. I love that every project brings a new challenge, new lessons, new collaborators, and a big adventure.

My greatest quality is that I love people. I love meeting new people, building relationships, and seeing the magic of what happens when great minds come together. I also believe that everyone’s mind is great.

No matter who I work with, I value their insight and perspective.

One of my proudest accomplishments is that most of my clients have been my clients since I got started 8 years ago. It’s because of that that you can count on me to be your partner for as long as you need.

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