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What we do

We plan, design and build websites
based on your insight and data.

  • We’ll speak tech for you!

    Strategy & Consulting

    Are you already working with a development or design team but need some help managing the project internally? We love to join teams temporarily and empower them with the technical expertise they need to communicate effectively with technical teams.

  • We won’t just make it pretty

    Web Design

    At Jess, please! We believe that design is the most crucial part of any project. We value meticulous, thoughtful and well researched design and UX that helps our clients serve their clients’ needs and their business goals as best as they can.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    WordPress Websites

    For most of our clients, there’s no better technology than WordPress. Close to 40% of the internet was built on this powerful open source platform. If WordPress works for your project, it will be our joy to build a fully custom WordPress solution that fits your needs.

  • We love a shoe that fits

    Web Development

    While we love WordPress, we also work with other technologies. We have experience with Craft CMS, Shopify, Brightspace, Ruby on Rails applications and are excited to branch out and use whatever technology is best suited to your project.

  • It’s OK, you won’t break it 🙂

    Education & Training

    At heart, we believe in the power of education and that anyone can learn how to use technology to solve problems and meet goals. Learning takes time and repetition and we’re eager to take the time to build up your knowledge.

  • It’s a right we’ll fight for


    We want to help you make your content reach as many people as possible. Through accessible web design and development and accessibility audits, we’ll help make your website compliant with the law and more importantly, readable and enjoyable by all.

Our clients and partners

Clients that gave us their trust

We love our clients and our work with them over the last 8 years. Here’s to the next 8 years!

Our culture and values

Why Jess, please!?

Everyone on the Jess, please! team shares the same values and chooses to work on this team because of them. As you get to know us more, you’ll see that they represent how we do business but also how we are as people.

  • Empowerment

    Often, people feel overwhelmed by technology. We like to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to use the products/solutions we build for them.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent about our methods, our process and our costs. By being transparent we can empower you to guide us in building the best products for your business.

  • Authenticity

    We love to work with people from all walks of life and strive to build a working relationship in which everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves.

  • Collaboration

    We believe in working collaboratively as a team to reach a goal or meet a challenge. And we consider all our clients part of the team.

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